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Thank you for indicating your interest in our products/services; and permit me to use this opportunity to congratulate you on the decision to take your financial destiny by the hand. I strongly advise that you study this report to the letter and afterwards, make frantic efforts to act upon the information assembled. Information is power only when it is acted upon.
Before you read further, pls. Stop and ponder upon the prevailing market prices for almost new laptops or new laptops (both mini and full) sold at computer village! You will discover that this is truly a mega business, considering the amount these laptops are being sold.

Who we are…

Meji Tech. a sister firm to Webcash Inc., is an ICT marketing firm based in Lagos, Nigeria; involved basically with the trade of new and used ICT products (laptops, desktops, phones, accessories, etcetera) and also offer agency or middleman services.
We are committed to providing qualitative and cost effective ICT products that enhance user experience while creating value for sustainable development. It is our sincere goal to ensure that Nigeria and Africa in general, migrate with the technological paradigm of today’s world.

Why you need a Laptop…

Apart from the fact that the world is now a global village, an average human needs a tool for creating and storing vital information, and the laptop provides a much safer and conducive means of achieving these needs. For example, a book writer has his or her work made much easier writing with a PC than the traditional ink on paper.
More importantly, if you an Internet geek, and interested in starting an online business like me, owning a laptop gives you the ample occasion to do so. There are loads of online business opportunities and jobs you can engage, either on part-time basis or otherwise to sustain cash flow. Without the laptop and an Internet connection, it becomes rather daunting to effectively take advantage of these enormous opportunities.

The Opportunity…

If you are keen on securing your financial independence, like am sure you are, then, this is a major opportunity to leverage towards attaining your goals. Without much time wasted, lets surge into an amazing discovery of how you can turn N30, 000 into multi-empire in months
First, owning a laptop affords you the prospect of starting an online-based business effectively. Online business is currently a major source of raking extra cash into your current account without much stress. All that is required is creativity, passion, honesty, and knack for success. For details on how to start a cost effective and profit yielding online business, you can order our well-researched report titled ONLINE BUSINESS 101™ by Webcash Inc., for a token fee of just N1800. Make payments to GTB, Ekom Bassey O. 0107370379. It is imperative that as a beginner you understand the simple steps to starting an online business.
Second, this is basically the main reason for this report. You can start a laptop sales business by buying - brand new or fairly used laptops - at relatively cheap rates either with or through us and resell to make sustainable profits. Imagine buying a laptop (e.g. fairly used Pentium 3) for as low as N25k and selling at market rate of maybe N35k, which is 100% return on investment! So, lets assume you are able to sell 10 of these laptops in a month, which gives us about N100, 000; in a year, we are looking at an un-staggering figure of N1, 200,000. Now, this is just being conservative and not braggadocios.
The good thing about this business is that you really do not need a major capital. You can rally round and have people entrust you with the responsibility of buying a laptop in their stead. Thus, you bill them like the sample above and hence, gradually build a capital base for expansion and continuity. This is a cool way of making extra cash you would agree with me!

How we work…

As a customer friendly firm with flexible policies, we act as agents who import new and fairly used ICT products on behalf of clients from our reliable sources abroad at very cheap rates and deliver at their doorsteps in Nigeria or other parts of Africa directly from the importing country. In situations where a client does not have a posting address, Meji Tech. receives consignments instead and forward to client. (Please, note that these items– used laptops - are either UK or U.S used products of high quality and are imported on request. In other words, we take orders from clients here in the country and make the purchase and shipment arrangements)
For example, after studying this report and you are interested in starting a phone or laptop sales business, all you need to do is place an order by paying the amount that refers to your phone or laptop need (single or bulk purchase) into our account (given below), forward the details in this format: Names/Teller no./Amountpaid/Pentium specifics/plan/delivery address (where you want it delivered, wherever!) to 07033146262 or meji.inc@gmail.com i.e. webcash/213456/N35k/Pentium M/4th floor, 38, warehouse road, Apapa, Lagos, to 07033146262 or meji.inc@gmail.com, on confirmation, the purchase will be made and sent via a courier (UPS or DHL) or any reliable transport agency in your locality.

NOTE: for higher specifications, the prices differ, you can make bulk purchases @ good discounts.

Below is a price list of fairly used and imported new mini laptops you can get from us:
Market Price (fairly used)
           Our prices

Local fairly used
New mini PCs

Pentium 2
N20, 000
N14, 000
Starting from N30, 000

Pentium 3
N25, 000
N20, 000

Pentium 4
N30, 000
N25, 000

Pentium M
N40, 000
N35, 000

Note, the mini laptops are brand-new, non-Pentium specific, and the prices vary depending on capacity and etcetera. They come in various sizes, colors, and brands. There are 7”, 10”or 14” notebooks. Compared to the N50, 000 + it is being sold here in Nigeria, this is a wide ocean to fetch from.
They also come with other accessory like leather case and external hardware on request for your user delight.

Here are Answers to Questions
You may be asking right now

Q. Are these laptops new or used?
A. Yes, the mini laptops are brand new ranging from Hp, OEM, and Dell etc. There are also full new laptops and fairly used - they are as good as new because they have been refurbished.

Q. Do they have optical CD/DVD drive?
A. They do not because they are mini-laptops of 7 inches – 10 inches but you can order for an external drive at a dirt-cheap price.

Q. How much for these laptops?
A. They range from N30, 000 – N52, 000. Please note that the ones selling for N52, 000 are sometimes full laptops of 320GB, 2GB RAM selling at computer village from N120, 000 - N180, 000.

Q. What are the configurations of these laptops?
A. For the mini laptops, there are various types and brands. But many of them range from 2GB-320GB hard disk, 128MB - 2GB RAM with Wifi, Bluetooth, Webcam, 3G, Tablet PC, 7″-10″ and even 14″. 1-year warranty etc…

Q. Can I choose any color of laptop I want?
A. Yes, you can. There are black, red, yellow, white, silver, green, pink etc.

Q. Can I add other accessories to my order like extra memory card, keyboard, and leather case?
A. Yes, you can. However, it will be at a negotiated price, but cheap though, less than N5, 000.

Q. How do I get my product?
A. Simple, as long as you send us a correct posting address. When importing, we will use these address and your product gets to you within 5 – 14 + days.

95% new laptops from the USA @ give away prices!
Is it possible? Sure! You can get a fairly used or 95% new Pentium M laptop direct from the United States. Yes! Express from America to your doorstep. All you need do is place your order with us (with your specifications if you have), send us an address that can receive parcels, and depending on your preferred plan, your laptop will be delivered straight to your home or office as the case may be. Please note that these laptops are refurbished – they have barely been used in some cases.

Here are the plans for the US laptops with specifics:

Pentium M laptop At 35, 000 Naira
512ram, 40gb hdd, 1.2 to 1.9ghz, dvd, ac adapter, infrared etc.
95% New and with Seven (7) weeks Delivery Plan after order Has been
Placed. If you are thinking of a sales business, this is recommended. Purchase in bulk either with your money and resell or serve as an agent, buying for people at an interest.
Pentium M laptop At 45 000 Naira
512ram, 40gb hdd, 1.2 to 1.9ghz, cdrw/dvd, ac adapter, infrared etc
95% New and with Four (4) weeks Delivery Plan after order Has been
Placed. This is also not bad for business.
Pentium M laptop At 50,000 Naira
512ram, 40gb hdd, 1.2 to 1.9ghz, cdrw/dvd, ac adapter, infrared,
wifi/Bluetooth etc
95% New and with Twelve Days (12days) Delivery Plan after order Has been placed. If you can finance this, then it is certainly your best bet because of time of delivery and it also pays to order in bulk for discounts.

If you prefer to buy these products directly yourself, you can purchase our well researched work: "CHEAP LAPTOP SECRETS" revealing the secrets of computer merchants in Nigeria, where they get their products at the cheapest rates and how they get them. For just N2000, this ebook will be sent directly to your email address asap. After payment, send details to 07033146262 or mejitech@yahoo.com for verification.
Pay in favour of:
Ekom Bassey Okokon
Guranty Trust Bank

Thank you!

Sincerely Yours
Meji Tech Inc.
Mobile: +2347033146262
Office: +2348090696038


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